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O.ME Watermelon & Raspberry

Watermelon &

We believe that to achieve a perfect balance between mind & body, recovery plays a crucial part. We have therefore created a range of drinks to symbolise inner and outer wellness, generating the perfect frame for your mind & body to recover with a long-term perspective.

Based on natural ingredients, O.ME Recharge & Recover entails amino acids, 7-8 vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, but no caffeine for optimal recovery.

Focus &


Citrus &
Prickly Pear

We want to help awaken your potential by optimising you physically and mentally to reach your peak in perfect balance. Therefore, O.ME Focus & Energise entails a mix of functional ingredients including amino acids, 7-8 vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and 180mg of natural caffeine from green tea extract and organic green coffee extract.

O.ME Focus & Energise range is based on natural ingredients and is created to nurture your mind & body for those moments when you need an extra boost.