Kalle Järvilehto

I'm a snowboarder who grew up near a small resort in western Finland. I've been riding rails and small jumps most of my childhood, and I still like doing that very much. Nowadays I'm traveling a lot to ride around the world, so I get to snowboard in all kinds of awesome places! 

I appreciate style very highly and I try to keep it with me in everything I do. Naturally, I want to do my best every time I go snowboarding and I believe that this attitude will carry me far. 

To do my best in all situations, recovery is as important as training at the gym or at the slope. I like to take it easy now and then and for that, golf is an amazing sport, especially during summer. I feel like it's the best mental game out there. I also love to relax by seeing my friends and loved ones. 

2022 is going to be a big year since the Olympics and all stuff around. That’s where my focus is now! 

Kristiina Nyman

I’m Kristiina Nyman. I love to be active and get excited about new sports easily, which also suits my competitive nature! Wakeboarding, snowboarding and surfing are my main sports. I love their fast space and the feeling they give me. I also like Frisbee golf and climbing.  

When it comes to recharging after a long day or an activity, during summer I love the moment of relaxation on the beach after wakeboarding with my friends. I also like to aid my recovery by going to massages often. They also bring a little luxury to everyday life!  

Positive attitude and making the most of every situation are important ways to optimise myself towards my goals. During 2022 I keep putting even more effort into my own wellbeing to keep age only a number in the future, too!

Petteri Leivo

My name is Petteri Leivo. I’m a 24 year old mountain biker from Salo, Finland. Bikes are part of my everyday life. It doesn’t matter if it’s a BMX, a downhill bike or even just a regular city bike, I am still going to have tons of fun! I also enjoy many other sports like fishing, running, skiing, gym and hiking. However, most of my time is spent doing downhill mountain biking, in which I also compete. 

I want to be as optimised as and do my best every day. That means being energised before training and being able to recover well and fast. It also means understanding myself truly, physically and mentally. For me, being in nature is the best way to relax and recover. I also feel relaxed just by listening to music at home by the fireplace. 

My goal for 2022 is simply to have fun. I do have some big events in my mind and naturally I aim to defend my national champion jersey in downhill mountain biking. However, I think that the more fun I have in everyday life, the easier it is to achieve those goals!

Anna-Liina Laitinen

My name is Anna and I’m a professional climber from Finland. I started climbing when I was 17 and ever since then it has been my center of everything! Before starting to climb I spent all my time doing gymnastics, snowboarding and drawing, but now I’m the most excited about photographing. Also, in addition to my biggest passion, rock climbing, in my free time I enjoy running by the ocean.  

To me, optimisation means taking care of myself to feel energetic, which is required to spend long sessions at the gym and to climb a lot outside. On the other hand, optimisation is focusing on recovering to be able to do sports that I feel passionate about. To balance all the activities, my favorite ways to relax are basically any activities in nature, long stretching sessions and walks with my sausage dog. There’s no real off-seasons in climbing which makes even small pauses day-to-day important!

Rosa Laukka

My name is Rosa Laukka and I love watersports and travel! My main sport is cable wakeboarding, which I’ve been doing for 3 years and which I couldn’t live without. In all sports, I enjoy pushing my limits and learning new tricks. Usually, during winter I jump on my surfboard somewhere abroad, but I also surf in Finland whenever there is a chance. In addition to watersports, I love going for climbing, running, kayaking, hiking, cross-country skiing.. You name it! I often also need to travel for wakeboarding or surfing. The best way to do that is with our van. Vanlife is awesome and gives a sense of freedom – it can take you anywhere and everything you need travels with you. 

Sauna, long walks in the woods with my dogs and ice swimming are my go-to ways to recover. I also put effort into eating healthy and sleeping well to maintain my energy. I need to be energetic, strong and fast but when it’s time to take it easy I take time to stop and relax.   

There are many dreams to be fulfilled in the future, but in 2022 I aim to grow mentally and get myself in the best shape so far. I would love to travel and surf in new places, as well as see new cable parks around Europe. I also want to step up my game in wakeboarding and take part in competitions abroad. I will also work hard and do my best to win the Ladies nationals in cable wakeboarding!

Julia Hackzell

I am Julia Hackzell, a yoga teacher and spiritual embodiment coach from Finland. Yoga, movement, and somatics have been a big part of my life for the past seven years. I have always had a passion for movement and fitness, but as a high-sensitive person, I have had to learn ways to listen to my body - that is how I fell into the world of embodiment. 

I deeply believe in the power of the mind and like to optimise both my physical and mental health by unpacking limiting beliefs and structures.  My free time is usually spent outdoors, and I love to work out and move my body as much as I love to spend time in stillness and meditation. For the year 2022, I wish to empower more clients and students in their spiritual embodiment journey. I hope to spread the word of embodiment and body-mind connection through social media so that more people can find a deeper sense of security and confidence within themselves!

Asad Farah

I’m Asad Farah, a street workout athlete and an entrepreneur. In my sport I combine acrobatics like tricking and parkour with street workout. I like to mix different sports and I also coach a combination sport called friigym to all ages and levels at my own gym! 

Besides work and practice I like stretching, eating well and relaxing with my family. Before going to sleep I watch training clips, enjoy a recovery drink and plan what I need to develop to get forward on my path. 

For me, optimisation means that your thoughts and actions are in line with your and your family’s better future. Good routines and holding on to them are my self-optimising tools and with them I have achieved rewarding results in the long run. My goal for 2022 is to open new cool flip combos and take my coaching biz to the next level!

Anthony Gullsten

My name is Anthony Gullsten, but everyone calls me Andy. I'm a rock climber through and through, but I also enjoy windsurfing and surfing, cross-country skiing, trail running, ice skating and many other sports. Let's just say that I'm an active kind of person!  

I'm also pretty good at taking it easy after a long day. Chilling at home watching movies or series is so enjoyable. During long dark evenings in the winter, puzzles are also a therapeutic way to relax!  

To optimise myself, I focus on optimising my time usage. For instance, I focus on scheduling my workouts around work as well as possible and balance between pushing hard and taking it easy. My goal for 2022 is to participate in as many climbing competitions in Europe as I can. I've never had this kind of opportunity before, and I feel like I'm ready for this!